Captain pirate

There once was a man called captain pirate, and he travelled the land instead of the sea because he couldn’t swim, but he loved the sea, he has seaweed baths, seaweed tea, he even had a pet lobster called captain claw.
One day captain pirate got a letter from his long lost brother captain landlubber,
captain landlubber hated the sea and lived on land, on an island off Donegal, he didn’t want to live on an island, he wanted to live in the country, land locked instead of surrounded by sea, he had webbed feet and could swim like a lunatic, but he hated the water, he hated the seaweed, and he hated the island, and he wrote too captain pirate with his plight
Dear brother captain pirate
Please come and save me! come and bring me to a land with out seagulls (he hated them too they were loud and they had the attitude of things that should be banish or extinct) I am locked on this island surrounded by sea and I wish to be where you are, away from such hideous entrapments. could you come and bring me of this place where there’s nothing but salt chiselling away at my good looks, (captain landlubber had no mirrors on the island and he wanted to admire himself because he was very fond of looking in mirrors he wasn’t the best looking fella but he was right about the salt, it had made him a bit battered looking)
your long lost brother
captain landlubber
When captain pirate got this letter he was shocked at such a man, all he wanted was to be beside the sea, surrounded in the magic of it, he wanted to hear the waves crash and the seagulls roar. He thought his brother was a nutter to request such a thing, when all he wanted himself was everything his brother had. It all sounded magic to captain pirate but he couldn’t come and save him as he couldn’t swim and it was far to dangerous to sail without the important knowledge of swimming, But as you had to know how to swim and that entailed something magic that was passed down from generation to generation, And captain pirate had been stolen as a baby and brought by the druids to the land,  he had never learned the magic way of swimming.
So he wrote back to captain landlubber
Dear brother
I imagine your plight to be a fierce one as I myself yearn for the ocean as you do for the land, but I have no way of saving you as I cannot swim and to take this mighty voyage, across the seas to rescue you, it would be far to dangerous without the magic of swimming.
it would be great for us to swap as you have the life I have always wanted.
your brother captain pirate
Captain landlubber understood captain pirates plight
and realised he had not learned the mighty family way, you know with him been stolen and all. 
Dear captain pirate
I know I know what you have to do you have to find your song in order for you to find your sea legs
you need a shanty to glide across the seas to rescue me!
It will be deep within you and you shall find it with any luck soon, as the seagulls have moved into the house and spend the days watching faircity and I find it frightening that they are into such muck.
your brother eagerly waiting your arrival
captain landlubber
 When captain pirate received this letter he was over the moon, over the moon with the delightful thought he could be on the sea soon.
Off he went to find his tune
lalallalallal boats boats boats sea sea sea sea
and lallalala seagulls for tea
he kept singing but it all sounded terrible and he was giving himself a headache with it all lallallalal sea wave waves
he went up and down the road shouting and singing bits of songs and wailing out of tune, he hoped he would find it soon.
 this went on for weeks and weeks he just couldn’t find it, he had almost given up hope.
Until one day he sat down and he cried what will I do my brother is stuck and I am stuck,
what will I do?
oh what will I do ?
I would love to sail the sea sea sea
I would love to sail the sea

to bob along the ocean tides

see the dolphins glide
oh I love the sea
oh I love the sea
oh I love the sea

finding treasures, collecting shells

oh to be on the ocean tide
to be on the oceans tide
the ocean swells around me
carry me on the oceans tide
oh I love the sea
I love the sea
oh I love the sea I love the sea
And next thing low and behold his feet didn’t fit in his shoes anymore.
Out burst waders instead of feet, flippers almost.
Captain pirate had done it he had wrote a sea shanty! Now he could glide on the water and rescue his brother and adventure ever more.
He got his boat he got his big black sail and his pirate flag oh how he loved his pirate flag.
And off he went across the sea to his brother
he sang away as he went I love the sea I love the sea….. 
He jumped into the sea for a swim along the way he was very very happy to be in the ocean to chat to the fish
howya fish!
Captain landlubber heard him coming hard not too, been that he was louder than any seagull, he was very delighted he was saved
Captain pirate swam ashore and grabbed his brother and flung him on the boat, he was super strong captain pirate.
Then he sailed him back to the land, and flung him off the boat,wished him well, off around the ocean captain pirate did go, sending his brother a postcard from every port he landed in.
They both lived very happily ever after


wandered into moving as an idea maybe two years have pasted to the happening tomorrow is hand back keys day.

two more arse breakers sitting on a bus for another 24 hours yo yo kitchen sinks hoarder

twiddly bits boxes of utter shite one day oh like in the next 94 years things will purposefully fit the bill

still now the donkey cart I have become have once again begun the shuffle angry stressing head fuck me wheres my bed in between a mansion and a shed wheelie mother fucken cases twisting arms angry bashing fists with a suitcase

and a need to organise the head a every thing takes its time rome wasn’t built in a day

when the wheel of a car is in my hands i wll go around the country singing sea shantys waving at road signs and middle fingers at buses oh the happy day tra la allala

If the  woodlice loved the place they moved right in it must be some kinda habitable the walls within I must build I must rose tint my eyes and see in to the future

Woodlice i’d always wondered why a thing would need so many legs?

not without conscience

Many times I have played the blame game, the pity party shuffle

Been sucked up spat out and thrown together again in the hazy daze of Youth

Carrying dreams around in pockets full of holes

Seeing nothing but the ozone layer

Red eyed anemic

Fishing with hopes and prayers

To enlighten the way forward in the cover of darkness

Not with out conscience pierced the world impelled to claw back with the wrong wording

The wrong thought

The wrong idea of the way of life

Life is a lesson we all have to learn

I got the answer wrong 

I got the question wrong 

I have so much to say but the meandering thought of the day won’t allow it

am I the lesson that I have learned ?

I hid seeds in the dark

never to grow

I sat under water anchored far down

life on fast forward

A member of Dallis in the 80’s sitcom

it really just didn’t get me anywhere

it was pure balax

… to be continued in another writing splurt or edited it has a shaky ending but I am sure you reader if you have taken the time to read I am very grateful very very thanks very much good Christmas to you esquired.

doing excellent if your breathing

we question every day, everything, the will of the world in one life form, us human, alive creatures, on a planet.

Whyyyy??? whhhyyy?

Wailing why?

are we here?

Do you know I have come to see those with the allergy too life depart.

And the why gets me too.

we have the beams in our pockets, if only we didn’t twiddle them around in there, and take them out to wonder instead.

We carry the burdens of the past, present, and made up in our head futures, around, till there’s no space for the joys anymore. The thoughts of I’d be better of dead.

the silence of solutions  is deafening 

is it any wonder with the weight of the states burdened soul hanging over our head, that the mind gets ill and has to leave the island.

crush the arts

crush the music

stand tall on the heads of the young

The Atlantic ocean will swallow us whole doing the Dail a favor

the forgotten west .

the forgotten south 

the forgotten north 

the forgotten east 


sure the celtic tiger wild and free ate us whole 

Let me tell you… you are doing excellent if you are breathing.

blades of grass start

everyday is a battle of wits with your wits 

taking an over view of your self hovering over 

taking glace at the notion of self 

inside out and pertaining the creations 

of the hows and wheres of life 

safely in the womb of breath, air, in… out… simplify  

quite quite quite on we go 

count the blades of grass 

gaze the sun beams of the earth 

imagine the clouds as a theatre in the sky 

you cannot see through another’s eye


Jenny Holzer, Truisms, 1979.


Jenny Holzer, Truisms, 1979.

(via paintdeath)


Photos of Queef performing at Sonic Vigil 8 in St Anne Church, Shandon, Cork.  Pictures courtesy of Alan Carey Photography.

Julia Kent and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh TDC March 1ST

this instrument brings me wonder when ever it is in my hands the tune it plays me is a wonder still, the quite voice, huge, in the sweltering sahara heat of the TCD. and out played a captivating melody entwined in the inner ear.

There is a quietness to Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh echoed by the gigantic embrace of music he produces. closed eyes hes part of the music it self.

He said he’d play “a few songs that I made up” what an inspiring mind of creation that he is then.   

Juila Kent lost in translation cello, it was taking a tour of the skies, or airport lockers, borrowed pro musica saves the day, and with out the player there is no music without the cello there well you catch my drift the yin to the yang.

And what a perfectly yin to the yang she plays music with her every being and thats right down to her toes and changing beats button toes and tattooed ankle. god it was gorgeous. shes some talent!

Never a happier ticket to purchase. Nothing will ever beat a live gig.

And then they played together a first! a first! and did it come together it was like some one making ya tea in the morning and telling ya you’d won the lotto while you were dreaming of sliding down a rainbow. 

When it is magic its fucken magic.

The darkness and heat had a lullaby effect, or a sedative wan as a man fell asleep beside me like a horse, he was stood up snoring with his chin on his chest hand still holding a pint! and I quite wish I had a recording of it along with Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and juila kent some sounds ya just don’t put together, I got a fit of the giggles.

It had a holy kinda captivating effect, been in there all dimmed lights, and this beautiful music. that the fit of the giggles I tried to suppress. but saved by the applause i was,the man woke up like a shot at the loudness the crowd appreciated! jesus I appreciated! what a wonderful thing it was.

 when its magic its unforgettable.

I wore some cloud shoes home 

Thanks Fractured air!

Thanks Juila kent

Thanks  Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh

And heres a sneaky recording of both Juila and Caoimhin together quality isn’t great but still 

just as there is no sense in giving a cat a bath.

everyday its like someones trying to give a cat a bath inside my mind
plenty of cul de sac notions
the thoughts waltz across
and I am stuck rigid
tramploine heart
stomach contents eject
the new day is nearing
my eyes read the blacks to greys to new days
open wide counting down to dawn
imsoniac daily races
sleepy sleepy
ready steady awake
you see the day and night as one endless tormenter
lurking in shadows, away from the light
the wind challenges
the rain washes away all life
you can not mark out the sea
but you try to stop the tides destruction
you are an admirer with a romantic view of the ocean