Ham! Bacon! Ham! serious over load of the pork ads!

Now I love rashers sausage’s and ham as much as the next person. Although to anyone coming into this country would actually think its a national obsession and possibly think were all addicted, and possibly that we even let pigs sleep in our beds.

I don’t actually think people think we let pigs sleep in our beds, but it has gotten that out of control that I pondered it for a good while.

Any way trwuely oirish non shrively away bacon ad is my favorite. I love yer man and how passionate he is about his bacon products, “We irish are mad about it” he tells us and yer wan cooking the breakfast tisn’t full of water ah cracks me up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS43Mwmuk5AI went on to there website and they have some mad Kerry man talking about his pig farm where they play music from 7am to 7pm to calm the pigs, it was some fiddley Diddley shite poor pigs but I guess as the ad goes its trwuely oirish!

Now the bord bia ad ham bacon ham ham ham ham ham bacon! How many times does he have to say it? I figure he has said it far to many times. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gwT7MQzneo I was thinking be a good one for a drinking game if you want to get bladder arsed. Take a drink any time you hear even a mention of any pork product.

Brady ham I ham what I ham which is ham, another ham ham ham ham ad I like it got all the good stuff you want from an ad. fake hands, sticking ham in where ever possible ham ham ham. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuMwARvPyww whos bringing the horse to france? whos bringing home the bacon!