The insomnia strikes and you go about your business and get on board the Google buzz looking for the cures.

Don’t get me wrong that’s after about 3 hours of rolling around having arguments with your duvet.

Meditation videos is what I found and all though some of them are soothing and lovely, Others holy gawd are mind altering disasters the voice of the crazy whisper man. Lying in my bed listening away oh lovely this is great until my ears were…. What????? What???? did he just say?. And the laughter started then I was wide awake again pondering the wonders of the ould internet lark and insomnia.

How many other people watched this video and thought this fella hes a lunatic. I could not for the life of me take it seriously. I found a few others as well trippy videos, howling voiced people to sooth you to sleep or trying to anyway.

I made my own and although demented that I am afraid a lack of sleep does makes you loopy in the noggin.